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Explanation of Payroll Year-to-Date Totals in OneStart

Getting Started Year-To-Date Fields YTD Pay FAQs


Note: The system uses the term "Paycheck" to describe information about your pay regardless of whether you have direct deposit, a paycard, or receive a paper check.

Table of Contents to all the links in this document:
I. Where to find your paycheck year-todate (YTD) information in OneStart

II. Explanation of all fields on your YTD pay totals:

III. FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about View Payroll YTD Totals

I. Where to Find Your Paycheck Year-to-Date (YTD ) Information in OneStart

Go to OneStart at and click on the Login button.

login screen

Click on the Services tab: Services tab

On the Services page, click on the Employee Center button in left navigational bar.

Employee Self Serve screen

To see your payroll information, click on View Payroll YTD Totals. Your most recent paycheck information is at the top through the "As-of Date" paycheck. An upcoming paycheck will not appear until that payroll has been closed.

Employee Center screen

Click on View Payroll YTD Totals under Payroll Information to see your YTD data.

The example below shows an employee who has both monthly and biweekly paychecks as the result of two IU jobs. The monthly position is the primary job and the biweekly (flat rate) is for occasional tutoring at night. Note: It can take the system several minutes to generate these totals.

YTD screen

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II. Explanation of all fields in the View Payroll Year-To-Date Totals screen

Here is an explanation of all the data and sections from top to bottom:

  • Empl ID: Your IU employee identification number shows, not your name
  • As-of Date: A field which shows the last payroll added into the totals. A tiny calendar appears to the right of this field if you which to see which day of the month that calculation date falls on.
  • YTD Summary section: The totals of all sections at a glance.
  • Earnings section: The sum of before-tax and after-tax deductions.
  • Before-Tax Deductions section: The sum of before-tax deductions
  • After-Tax Deductions section: The sum of after-tax deductions
  • Employer Paid Benefits section: The year-to-date amounts for IU contributed benefits.

    YTD Summary

    top of pay advice

    YTD Gross: Total gross pay to date
    YTD Taxable Gross: Total after the before-tax deductions are subtracted from Total Gross
    YTD Taxes: Total taxes to date
    YTD Deductions: The sum of before-tax and after-tax deductions
    YTD Net Pay: The actual dollar amount employee received so far this year.

    Earnings section
    This section contains Descriptions for hours worked this pay period, pay rate and pay adjustments.
    YTD Amounts: The dollar amounts this employee has earned thus far this year before any taxes or deductions are withheld.

    earnings screen

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    Taxes section

    taxes section

    This section includes all taxes withheld you have paid through the "As-of Date" posted at the top. It contains information about federal, state, county, Medicare, and Social Security taxes.

    Fed Withhold = Federal tax
    Fed MED/EE = Medicare tax (employee's portion)
    Fed OASDI/EE = Social Security tax (employee's portion)
    IN Withholding = State tax
    IN (County Name) Withholding = Local tax (Brown County in the example here)

    The State and County indicated here are the State and County of residence indicated on the employee's WH-4 tax form.

    Tax status changes submitted on or around payroll processing dates can result in discrepancies in the information displayed. Please contact your payroll processor if you have any questions regarding your withholding.

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    Before-Tax Deductions section

    This section reports current and year-to-date (YTD) benefits and general deductions that reduce your taxable gross pay.

    Examples of such deductions include medical and dental plan premiums, Tax Saver Benefit health care and dependent care reimbursements, personal accident insurance, Tax Deferred Annuity contributions, and parking.

    To see the list of Description codes click on Before-Tax Deductions.

    before tax deductions box

    After-Tax Deductions

    This section lists current and year-to-date (YTD) benefits and general deductions that do not reduce your taxable gross pay.

    Examples of after-tax deductions include deductions for United Way, IU Foundation (donations to IU fund accounts such as WFIU/WTIU by payroll deduction), Bursar, and Long Term Disability Insurance.

    To see the list of Description codes click on After-Tax Deductions to see a detailed list of deductions available.

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    Employer Paid Benefits section

    This section reports current and year-to-date (YTD) amounts for IU contributed benefits. This information has no impact on your pay.

    These benefits contributed by IU include medical and dental plans premiums, life insurance plans, TIAA retirement and Fidelity retirement plans, and PERF annuity savings and PERF pension funds.

    IU benefits section

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    III. FAQs: Frequently asked questions about the payroll year-to-date totals in OneStart

    Click on any question below to go to that link:

    Q: As a new employee, how soon will my View Paycheck become available to see?

    Your very first View Payroll Year-To-Date Totals will be available to see in OneStart through the Employee Self Service dashboard under the Services tab. However, your university online access must be complete in order to log into the employee self service.

    Once you have your IU username and password, your online access is complete.

    Note: Even employees who receive a paper paycheck (before their direct deposit is activated) will be able to view their paycheck data through employee self service.

    Q: Is my personal information safe if it is posted on the internet in this forum?

    According to University Information Technology Services (UITS) Security Office, unless you give your password to someone else, there is no need to fear a breach of security on your Indiana University information. UITS, on behalf of the entire university, is charged with protecting all of the university electronic systems and applications, and constantly monitors for signs of a breach. All university servers which house our applications are protected by firewalls and other significant security. Both OneStart and the Human Resource Management System (HRMS), in which Employee Self Service is found, are protected. As long as the user does not provide their password to other people, security is assured. If further assurances are required, please review information on the Information Technology Security Office (ITSO) website: .

    Q: How much of my paycheck history is available for me to see?

    The records will begin with December 2002/January 2003 when the HRMS PeopleSoft system was first implemented. You can access your payroll history View Paycheck through the Employee Self Service dashboard in OneStart. To learn how to find it, go to the first section of this document, Where to Find Your Paycheck Information in OneStart.

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    Q: Will my paycheck information print on one page?

    With the upgrade and addition of the PDF files, the formatting of the page has been set up to allow one-page printing of your year-to-date pay information.

    Q: Why can't I open up my View Payroll YTD Totals in OneStart?

    Make sure to check two things: 1) Change your pop-up blocker settings in your browser as shown below:

    Pop-up block turn off

    You can allow pop-ups from IU, including OneStart, and still keep your pop-up blocker "on" for security.

    popup blocker settings

    2) Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.To read the pay advice files, you must have Adobe's Acrobat® Reader installed on your computer. A free copy of Acrobat® Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe web site. Consult your departmental technical support team for assistance if necessary.

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