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Winter 2011-12: What's New at FMS

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Account Management

The Indiana State Board of Accounts completed the annual audit of the university’s financial statements in October, issuing a clean audit opinion. This is a reflection of the hard work of all university faculty and staff to ensure that financial activity is recorded in an accurate and timely manner. An electronic copy of the current financial statement will be available on the Senior Vice President and CFO’s website after Dec. 8th:

Customer Service and Payroll Operations

Final Payroll of 2011: The monthly payroll on November 30th is the final payroll for professional staff for 2011. The December payroll will be paid on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.  Please plan accordingly.

A Frequently Asked Question coming into Customer Service: I try to see my pay advice in OneStart and it never comes up? Why?

If you cannot get your pay advice or Direct Deposit screens to appear in the pop-up windows, check these two things:

  1. Change your pop-up blocker settings in your browser to allow pop-ups from IU, including OneStart, and still keep your pop-up blocker "on" for security. For detailed instructions on how to enable or disable pop-up sin web browsers see in the UITS Knowledge Base.

  2. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. To read the pay advice files, you must have Adobe's Acrobat® Reader installed on your computer. A free copy of Acrobat® Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe web site. Consult your departmental technical support team for assistance if necessary.

Accounts Payable

AP Announcements and Reminders

Invoicing on EPIC Purchase Orders
Accounts Payable has transitioned to one email address for submitted PDF invoices. is the address for emailing invoices against EPIC purchase orders. Please remind your staff and your vendor contacts that a valid, open purchase order is required and vendors should bill with the valid purchase order number on the invoice to facilitate prompt payment. Invoices sent to the former 2nd email address should not to be resent. Those emails are being re-directed. Duplicate invoice submission slows payments for all vendors.

Here is a link you can share with your vendor contact that clarifies billing, payment inquiry and contact information:

P-card Statement Submission
Your assistance in submitted p-card statements and receipts in a defined order is appreciated.
Please place the receipts in transaction order. Please number the transaction and the corresponding receipt if the number of transactions is greater than or equal to 5 transactions in a statement period.
The actual credit card number should never be revealed or marked on the statement documentation. All processing at Indiana University is based on the unique identifier. The unique identifier cannot be used for fraud.

Statements and corresponding receipts can be submitted as a PDF file upload at this location:
This site is CAS authenticated.
Paper submissions can be sent to Accounts Payable, Poplars 532. Please staple the receipt documentation to the statement to avoid pages becoming separated if submitting by paper.

Disbursement Voucher Supporting Documentation for travel payment reasons
Supporting paperwork for disbursement vouchers using payment reasons of
    Travel Payment for a Nonemployee, and
    Travel Payment for Prepaid Travel
should be sent to Travel Management Services, Poplars 120. Travel Management Services reviews these transactions in FIS.

Kuali Financial Systems (KFS) Update

The IU implementation of Kuali Financial Systems is proceeding according to the implementation timeline.  The portal for KFS, which includes purchasing, has been released for testing by the subject matter experts (SMEs) for the various areas.  A training environment has also been released for testing and training by departmental and campus users.

The departmental and campus users are testing the training environment about 1-2 hours per week. Every time they initiate a document in the FIS, they are initiating the same document in KFS. If they check a balance or do an inquiry in FIS, they should do the same inquiry in KFS. The objectives of this process are to:
  1. Identify any outstanding system “bugs”.
  2. Develop experts in the departments and campuses who can act as resources for other users.
  3. Identify areas for focused training for the university community.
If you are interested in participating in this pilot test project, please email your username, chart and org to

The FMS training team will begin visiting campuses in spring 2012 to discuss the upcoming implementation. We are targeting training to begin summer 2012 and continue through implementation. Training will take several forms and will be available on each campus. Please visit our website for more information on the KFS training plan at

FMS Training

FMS Training has a link on the FMS home page which lists all FMS training and detailed explanations of each training session. Topics cover training in FIS, Payroll, TIME, and special financial topics.

Accounts Receivable, Auxiliary Accounting, Capital Assets, and Student Loan Administration

1098E Tax Reminder:

The 1098E will be available on the University Accounting Service borrower web site You will have one 1098E for each loan you have with our office. Questions concerning the amount of interest paid should be directed to UAS. They can be reached at 1-800-723-2210. Questions about educational interest deductions should be directed to your tax preparer. Auxiliary Accounting FY2011 Q3 Variance Analysis Dates:
  • Friday, January 20: All auxiliary vouchers are complete, unless an earlier date was specified by your campus.
  • Friday, January 27: Send completed analysis and reports to Organizations at IUB and IUPUI should copy your campus administrators.
  • Friday, February 3: Follow-up questions sent from Auxiliary Accounting to organizations.
  • Friday, February 10: Answers to follow-up questions due to
Please feel free to contact us at with any questions.

Benchmarking 2 Update

Indiana University is coordinating with other Big 10 institutions to undertake a benchmarking project of administrative services. For this project, activities in research administration, finance, procurement, and payroll will be benchmarked. The goal of this effort is to identify operational excellence among one or more of the participants that could then serve as an avenue to identify and share best practices among the peer group.

The data collection phase of the project is complete, and data validation has begun. Once the data validation phase is complete, final data will be submitted to The Hackett Group no later than December 7th. The Hackett group will then review the data, and develop comparable metrics for each institution. These metrics and comparisons will be delivered on March 3rd, 2012. For more information on the benchmarking 2 project, please visit our website at

Tax Time News

  1. Tax Form Forecast
  2. Online W-2 Delivery in OneStart
  3. Duplicate W-2 Form
  4. W-2 for Monthly Payroll
  5. 1098-T in OneStart
  6. Tax Forms and Publications
  7. Year-End Tax Payment Deadlines for NRAs

1. Tax Form Forecast

The Indiana University Tax Department is committed to issuing the year-end tax statements as accurately and promptly as possible. Although the IRS allows issuers until January 31st to "timely file" most year-end tax statements, we understand your interest in gathering the necessary paperwork early to possibly file for an income tax refund or complete the FAFSA. We appreciate your patience as our staff work diligently to prepare almost 200,000 year-end tax statements. To see your tax forecast visit which reflects anticipated issue dates for all 2010 tax forms.

2. Online W-2 Delivery in OneStart

New for 2011, W-2s for 2011 will be delivered electronically through the Employee Center in OneStart. This will replace W-2 Express and make the retrieval process more convenient for employees.

IU Employees must consent to receive the W-2 online. This consent will allow retrieval of your 2011 W-2 form 1-2 weeks earlier than mailed paper forms. To consent for online delivery and view prior year W-2s, visit the Tax Information section of the Employee Center in OneStart at For questions about W-2s or the new process, contact

Go to OneStart to consent.

Electronic W-2 forms are expected to be available by mid-January 2012. Mailing for printed W-2’s is expected to begin about a week later.

3. Duplicate W-2 Forms

For detailed information on how to retrieve a duplicate W-2 see W-2 Electronic Consent and Retrieval. If you are unable to retrieve your tax statement through W-2eXpress, you can request a duplicate copy in mid-February, 2012, through our duplicate tax form in OneStart.

4. W-2 for Monthly Payroll

For monthly paid employees, your 2011 W-2 form does not include your December payroll paid on January 3, 2012. December payroll will be included on your 2011 W-2, however, your December 2010 paycheck is included on your 2011 W-2 form. W-2 income is based on when payment is made, not earned.

5. 1098-T in OneStart

Indiana University now offers students the option of receiving IRS Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement, through OneStart Student Self-Service with student consent. The Form will be available as a PDF to download or print mid-January. Included in the PDF is the financial detail for each amount on the form. Please read more about how to “opt-in” for electronic delivery and granting access to a 3rd party at 1098-T  FAQs page and Form 1098-T Electronic Consent and Retrieval.

Third-party access is a OneStart role that IU students can assign to any person(s), such as a parent or guardian, to whom they wish to grant access to their personal information available through the Student Self-Service section. View and download Form 1098-T is available for third party access. Students can assign third-party access to as many persons as they wish (e.g., both parents). Note: Third-party access is read-only for all information. Third party access is explained in detail by the Office of the Registrar at

6. Tax Forms and Publications

The FMS tax web pages have much to offer at Tax Forms and Publications.Check it out!

Link to our university exempt forms page where you can download our IRS determination letter that describes us as a 501(c)(3) organization and access to the sales tax exemption certificates for purchases in IN and other states. Please add these links to your websites.

7. Deadline Dates for Year-end Tax Payments to NRAs

Monday, November 21, 2011: For IU employees, their IRS Form 8233 must be signed, dated, and routed to FMS Tax to guarantee 2011 tax treaty benefits. FMS Tax will not grant benefits for any forms received after November 30. Instead, the individual will need to make the claim for benefits on their 2011 income tax filing. Please adjust this date to include the time to deliver from IUPUI or consider faxing for those last days to make sure they meet the deadline.

Friday, December 9, 2011: For DV/ EPIC visitors, these payments must be in FMS Tax’s Inbox to guarantee our review for 2011 tax treaty benefits. Windstar analysis may still take place after this date. For payments submitted after this date, FMS Tax will still try, without guarantee, to process their forms.

See the Quick Guide to International Visitor Payments Procedures.

FMS Staff Changes

Accounts Payable:
  • David Griggs has accepted the position of Professional Technical Operations. David comes to AP from FMS Cost Accounting.

  • Joining Accounts Payable in the role of invoice processing are Maci He and Cynthia Stevenson. Maci graduated last May from ISU with a degree in Finance. Cynthia recently retired from IU Southeast where she processed invoices.
Customer Service/Payroll Office:
  • John Brumley has joined FMS as a Payroll Tax Analyst. He hails from UITS and we welcome his problem solving skills and functional expertise.

FMS Operations:
  • Ramyaa Nedunchezhian has accepted a system analyst/programmer position with our FMS Development team. Ramyaa worked on the Kuali data conversion project as a member of Ailish Byrne’s team in UITS. We are pleased to have someone with Ramyaa’s experience join our group and have already benefited from her involvement on the Kuali project. Ramyaa’s first day in FMS was November 1.

Tax Reporting:
  • Joining the tax team in our part-time Nonresident Tax position is Ravit Shay Sarraf . She will be located in 502 and here on Tuesdays and Thursdays.