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Where do I find the upload tool for DV supporting paperwork?

Since June 2010 departments have had two options for submitting Disbursement Voucher (DV) supporting paperwork and Procurement Card statements and receipts for audit.

Paperwork can be submitted as

  1. a PDF file upload via the upload tool at this FMS AP webpage You must login into CAS or as

  2. a paper submission to Indiana University AP, 400 E 7th Street, Poplars 016, Bloomington IN 47405-3005. The choice of delivery is the department’s choice. Here are some key details for efficiently using the upload tool.
DV Supporting Paperwork

  • Initial PDF paperwork submission:
    The original uploaded PDF should include the KFS DV cover sheet and all applicable supporting paperwork. The pages should be in logical order. The PDF images should be clear and complete. Upload the PDF file using the relevant DV document number.

  • Supporting paperwork is required in KFS for a disbursement voucher (DV) to route for fiscal approval. This step includes documentation marked Initiating Organization. This Disbursement Voucher Initiating Organization Form found on the AP website, must be completed and submitted with the cover sheet for Initiating Org document locations.

  • Audit paperwork submission:
    This upload link is used if the DV Team in FMS AP requests additional pages. Two reasons for requesting additional pages are (1) a page is missing and/or (2) a page is not legible.

  • The DV supporting paperwork can be purged from your files after one fiscal year plus the current year. (Effectively two years). This time line applies whether you hold the original or the copy.
P-card audit paperwork:
  • uploaded paperwork creates a research audit trail
  • original documentation for p-card is retained for 7 years
  • If paper is submitted, copies must be retained for 3+ years
  • receipts should be in transaction order and numbered if more than 5 transactions

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Date: 07/26/2013

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