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Accounts Payable Staff

Management and Professional Team
Charlie Sinex Director, Accounts Payable and Records Management
Karen McCalister  Supervisor, Accounts Payable
John Fox Manager, Accounts Payable Technical Operations
David Griggs Technical Operations Support

The RIRT Team (Research Invoice Resolution Team)
Processes invoices and other special tasks as well as research and resolve rejected invoices.

  • Janette Bruner, Team Lead
  • Pat Akers
  • Leann DeBruicker
  • Maci He
  • Kristin Martindale
  • Donna Woodruff

Contact: Both KFS and P-card related:
812-855-4004 (The RIRT Team)
877-481-0007 (The RIRT Team)
812-856-4452 (IU AP Fax)
PO#s are the reference point for payable questions – always include the PO #.

Vendors may check status of payment processing for the most recent 12 months at .

Vendor billing information can be found at

The DV Team (Invoice/Disbursement Voucher)
Processes invoices and reviews DVs and DV vendor documents

  • Tim Keene
  • Pam Eggles
  • Kelly Maddox
  • Jenny Moore
  • Wendi Swango

Contact for DV Inquiries only:
812-856-2499 (The DV Team)
DV Supporting Paperwork submitted as a PDF file:
Tax documentation (W-9 and W8BEN, signed and dated) 812-855-0888 (IU DV Team Fax – W9, W8BEN submissions)
KFS and P-card inquiries should be directed to the RIRT Team contact information above.

The Invoice Processing Team
This team processes clean invoices approximately 20 hours per week

  • Julia Delong
  • John Hardeman
  • Dan Julian
  • Matt Sand
The Electronic Document Processing Team
This team monitors the two invoice email inboxes and prepares PDF invoices for delivery and processing by the processing teams. Similarly, this team processes the receipt and distribution of PDF DV Supporting Paperwork and PDF P-card submissions. Paper documentation is also received and prepared for processing by this team.
  • Cheryl Jeffers
  • Daniel Hughes
The Records Management Team
This team moves PDF invoice images to OnBase and indexes the image in OnBase. This team scans and indexes paper documentation for both KFS invoices and credit memos and for DV Supporting Paperwork.
  • Bethany Phillips
  • Jeffrey Martinez
P-card Audits

P-card audits are scheduled each Tuesday afternoon from 1:30pm – 3:00pm.
  • Donna Woodruff is the audit contact for the BL campus.
  • Pat Akers is the audit contact for the IUPUI campus.
  • Leann DeBruicker is the audit contact for the EA, KO, NW, SB, SE campuses.

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(Available only to IU Department Users)

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